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Reaffirm a Home Equity Loan in California Bankruptcy? Are You Kidding?

Every now and then my San Jose bankruptcy law firm still gets a fat letter from one of the Big Banks soliciting to try to convince us and one of our bankruptcy clients to reaffirm a California home mortgage loan. If I’m in a relatively good mood that day, I’ll scan the bank letter and […]

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When Does It Make Sense to Reaffirm an Auto Loan in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Our Bay Area Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients as well as those who have read my previous posts know that I can be fairly hostile to reaffirmation agreements of car loans in bankruptcy. After all, the whole idea of reaffirming a personal debt that would otherwise be discharged in bankruptcy runs counter to what I, as […]

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Can I Still Return My Car After My Bankruptcy Case Has Discharged?

A few times a year I get a call from a former bankruptcy client who received a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge and whose case has long since closed. Frequently something has changed in the client’s financial situation—most often the client or his spouse has just lost a job. “I know we stated in our bankruptcy […]

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