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Recently Served with a Lawsuit? Another Reason to File Bankruptcy Before Your Creditor Gets a Judgment Against You

Getting served with a collections lawsuit by a credit card company, auto lender, or any other creditor will certainly ruin anyone’s day. Often it’s the last straw that finally motivates many of my clients to come see me for a free consultation about filing personal bankruptcy here in the Bay Area. The trouble is, many […]

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Finally Found a Job? Now May Be The Best Time to File Bankruptcy

As the recession has worn on, prolonged economic hardship has sometimes led people to feel that even bankruptcy will not offer much immediate relief. In the last year, I’ve met with an increasing number of folks considering filing bankruptcy in San Jose, who decide to put off filing despite their eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy […]

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Do I Need to Answer a Lawsuit if I’ve Decided to File Bankruptcy in California?

As with so many other questions pertaining to bankruptcy law, the best answer to the question of whether a person intending to file bankruptcy must file an Answer to a new civil suit is: “it depends.” I am often asked by the prospective client considering filing personal bankruptcy whether he should first go ahead and […]

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My Creditor Has Sued and Gotten a Judgment Against Me. Is It Too Late to File Bankruptcy?

Among the many common myths about bankruptcy I hear from prospective clients seeking bankruptcy advice is the notion that once a credit card or other bill collector sues and obtains a court judgment on a debt, it may be too late to file bankruptcy. This is simply not true. Unless the judgment includes causes of […]

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