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When Does It Make Sense to Reaffirm an Auto Loan in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Our Bay Area Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients as well as those who have read my previous posts know that I can be fairly hostile to reaffirmation agreements of car loans in bankruptcy. After all, the whole idea of reaffirming a personal debt that would otherwise be discharged in bankruptcy runs counter to what I, as […]

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Bankruptcy “Credit Counseling” and “Debtor Education” Course Requirements Don’t Have to Be a Drag

Bankruptcy information is everywhere on the Internet. In recent years many more prospective clients come into my office already armed with a good deal of knowledge about filing personal bankruptcy. Many have read online articles about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, stopping a wage garnishment, Chapter 13 lien stripping, and many other issues of bankruptcy debt relief. […]

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The Bankruptcy Automatic Stay Stops Bully Collectors in Their Tracks

Whether you have even considered filing Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy yet, if you have ever been more than 90 days late paying a credit card, then you may have already suffered the indignity of an aggressive bill collector’s call. If you haven’t yet, but you can’t make all your credit card payments, you’ll […]

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I Was Just Served with a Motion for Relief from Stay. What Is It?

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy provide an important, immediate relief from creditors trying to collect from the debtor. As soon as one of our bankruptcy attorneys files your case, you will get the benefit of the Automatic Stay, which prohibits nearly all of your creditors from collection activity while your bankruptcy case remains […]

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Where Will My Meeting of Creditors Be Held if I Filed Bankruptcy in Fremont?

If you live in Fremont or any other city in Alameda or Contra Costa counties and have filed bankruptcy, then your bankruptcy petition was filed in the Oakland Division of the US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California. All Meetings of Creditors required under section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code are held at the Ronald […]

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Welcome to the Bay Area Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog

As a Bay Area bankruptcy attorney, I must say representing the smart, hardworking people and small businesses of San Jose, the East Bay and San Francisco has been a most rewarding experience. This practice area affords our law firm to truly fight the good fight by helping the regular, honest people in our community free […]

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