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What Happens if I Forget to List a Debt or Creditor in My California Bankruptcy?

As I discussed in my last post “Can I Leave My House or My Car Out of My Bankruptcy?” the Bankruptcy Code requires that a debtor truthfully disclose all of his debts, assets, income, and expenses. One cannot choose to leave a given debt or asset “out” of her bankruptcy case. Not only is the […]

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Santa Clara County Bankruptcy – Your Meeting of Creditors at the San Jose Division Bankruptcy Court

Residents of Santa Clara County filing bankruptcy must do so in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California, San Jose Division. Likewise residents of Santa Cruz, Monterrey, and San Benito counties also must file bankruptcy in the San Jose Division of the Court. This post is aimed at informing our Santa Clara bankruptcy clients […]

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Where Will My Meeting of Creditors Be Held if I Filed Bankruptcy in Fremont?

If you live in Fremont or any other city in Alameda or Contra Costa counties and have filed bankruptcy, then your bankruptcy petition was filed in the Oakland Division of the US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California. All Meetings of Creditors required under section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code are held at the Ronald […]

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