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Can I Still Return My Car After My Bankruptcy Case Has Discharged?

A few times a year I get a call from a former bankruptcy client who received a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge and whose case has long since closed. Frequently something has changed in the client’s financial situation—most often the client or his spouse has just lost a job. “I know we stated in our bankruptcy […]

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My Creditor Has Sued and Gotten a Judgment Against Me. Is It Too Late to File Bankruptcy?

Among the many common myths about bankruptcy I hear from prospective clients seeking bankruptcy advice is the notion that once a credit card or other bill collector sues and obtains a court judgment on a debt, it may be too late to file bankruptcy. This is simply not true. Unless the judgment includes causes of […]

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Unlike Bankruptcy, Private Debt Settlement Can Lead to Big Tax Problems

It’s another symptom of this prolonged recession. Private debt settlement companies are cropping up like mushrooms all over the Bay Area. Their advertisements urge people not to consider filing bankruptcy and promise that they can negotiate settlements with your creditors instead. In general these debt settlement outfits are not attorneys, and they cannot offer any […]

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Debt Settlement Programs Don’t Keep Credit Card Companies from Suing You

Once or twice a week, I meet with a prospective bankruptcy client who has called us, frantic, because a credit card company or some third party collection bullies for a credit card company have served her with a lawsuit summons. “I don’t understand why they would sue me,” the debtor will complain. “I’ve been paying […]

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Hardship Discharge in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for many people in California can be a daunting experience. The uncertainty that comes with knowing you have to enter into a repayment plan for anywhere between three and five years without being absolutely certain of your employment situation causes a lot of stress for many debtors. What if you […]

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