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Bay Area Bankruptcy Attorney Jon BrooksAs a Bay Area bankruptcy attorney, I must say representing the smart, hardworking people and small businesses of San Jose, the East Bay and San Francisco has been a most rewarding experience. This practice area affords our law firm to truly fight the good fight by helping the regular, honest people in our community free themselves from crushing debt and get a new financial start in life. If you are a current client or have followed our San Jose bankruptcy firm, you’ll know I’ve blogged about bankruptcy law on various forums, but with the launching of our new Bay Area Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog, I intend to publish my observations about consumer bankruptcy law in one place that will, I hope, offer clients, prospective clients, and the public a valuable resource for California bankruptcy news and commentary.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be posting my views on bankruptcy debt relief, the California foreclosure crisis, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy procedure, auto loans, credit, bankruptcy litigation, and everything pertaining to California bankruptcy practice from a debtors’ attorney’s perspective. I’ll invite colleagues who also practice bankruptcy law, including a few creditors’ attorneys as well to provide guest posts to this blog to enrich and broaden our collective awareness of bankruptcy in the Bay Area.

This blog is not intended to be legal advice. Every situation is unique, and it would be pure folly for anyone to interpret the general observations in this blog as advice he or she should act upon. For such advice, one should seek the face to face advice of a qualified bankruptcy lawyer who can review his or her own particular situation—including his or her secured and unsecured debts, how they were incurred and when, his or her assets, title to those assets, how they were acquired and when, transfers of assets, and his or her income and living expenses. Bankruptcy takes a fairly holistic view of the debtor’s situation, and there can be no solid bankruptcy legal advice without reviewing one’s entire situation.

This blog is likewise not intended to be an academic exercise. I won’t be briefing the latest case law here, though from time to time, I may comment about how a recent ruling might affect some Bay Area bankruptcy debtors. And although bankruptcy law is federal law, this bankruptcy blog will always focus exclusively on filing for bankruptcy in San Jose and the other divisions of the Northern District of California Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy frequently relies upon underlying state law in many contexts, and the quirks and idiosyncrasies of local rules and local judges, often make all the difference in how bankruptcy law gets applied in practice.

I hope you’ll bookmark this blog and that you’ll find it to be informative and even just a little bit entertaining. Bankruptcy, after all, is an area that touches nearly every facet of American life. There is no shame in bankruptcy. In fact, bankruptcy offers hope and relief to tens of thousands of honest debtors in the Bay Area every year. When one is faced with an insurmountable mountain of debt, getting out of debt is the very first step to getting ahead.

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