Santa Clara County Bankruptcy – Your Meeting of Creditors at the San Jose Division Bankruptcy Court

San Jose Bankruptcy CourtResidents of Santa Clara County filing bankruptcy must do so in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California, San Jose Division. Likewise residents of Santa Cruz, Monterrey, and San Benito counties also must file bankruptcy in the San Jose Division of the Court. This post is aimed at informing our Santa Clara bankruptcy clients and those from these other counties about several practical matters concerning the San Jose Bankruptcy Court, and what to expect at their meeting of creditors, so they feel prepared and at ease heading into this important part of their bankruptcy case.

First and foremost—relax! One of our Santa Clara bankruptcy attorneys will be at your side before, during, and after the meeting of creditors. Second, allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at the Bankruptcy Court. If you’re not familiar with downtown San Jose, you may want to locate the court and where you plan to park a day or two before your meeting date. The San Jose Bankruptcy Court is located at 280 S. First St. There is a paid parking garage directly across South Second Street, offering the most convenient parking for the court.

Third, please, please do not forget to bring with you two very important things to your San Jose bankruptcy meeting of creditors—your current photo ID and your original social security card. The guards at the San Jose Robert F. Peckham Federal Building, where your meeting of creditors is located, will not allow you to enter the building without valid photo identification, such as a California driver’s license, California ID, or a current US Passport.  Additionally, the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case, and with whom you will meet for your meeting of creditors will need to examine your social security card and will not conclude your meeting without it.

In the end there are only a few very simple things you need to remember to prepare for your meeting of creditors.  Know where the San Jose Bankruptcy Court is located.  Come early.  Bring your current photo identification and your social security card with you. And finally, simply tell the truth to all the questions that the bankruptcy trustee asks you.  You will be under oath, and the only thing you can do wrong at a meeting of creditors is to lie or fail to disclose to the trustee information that he or she requests.  This is simple.  You’re simply verifying that the monthly income and household expenses you reported are true and that you have listed all of your assets and all of your debts.

For those of our clients who do not feel comfortable answering the bankruptcy trustee’s questions in English, and who would prefer to communicate in Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, or one of dozens of other languages, we will request that the bankruptcy trustee utilize the free interpretation service offered by the Bankruptcy Court.

Again, if you’ve retained our San Jose bankruptcy attorneys to represent you in your bankruptcy case, then we have already helped you to verify all your information and have explained you exactly what will happen at your creditors meeting.  And remember, we’ll be at your side throughout the process.



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